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Meet the Owner


Ted started his own business because he had a story to tell, and knew his customers had their own stories as well.


He's not the ordinary jeweler, or businessman for that matter, and has always endeavored to provide the exclamation mark for life's most powerful and emotional of celebrations.


While mall-chain jewelers strived to capitalize on the euphoria of young couples, he set out to celebrate the magic of falling in love by creating a place they could go to find treasures that electrify the heart without withering the wallet.


Our Guarantee

  • Seamless Services  – Our around-the-clock personalized concierge will take care of every detail, from engagements to those “impossible to get” and one-of-a-kind pieces. We make dreams a reality. 
  • Absolute Luxury – We have hand-picked a remarkable selection of the finest watches, jewelry, and gifts from around the world so you can travel a globe of distinctive styles in a single visit. 
  • Untouchable Integrity – We are a family that serves families and fosters the trust necessary for love to flourish in all its forms. Our prices are simple, straight-forward, and honest.
  • Everyday Expertise – The mastery of our craft goes beyond a framed certificate on the wall, but is an ongoing pursuit of any insight       that can surpass every expectation for your unique celebration. 

We can go above & beyond because we love what we do. 
And you will too…

So, named after the gemstones in his life: his three charming children, DBK Family Jewelers was born.


Our past and your future

Established in 2000, after more than a decade of experience rising through the ranks of multi-national jewelry franchises, Ted established himself as a pillar of the industry--specializing in Diamond Engagement Rings & Time Pieces.


Unsatisfied with the customer service standards of the flagship mall-jeweler chains, Ted set out to bring his industry connections closer to home. A business without the astronomical overhead of paying rent for a corner in the mall, rooted right in the community we love & share. A place where customers aren't paying for the convenience of having an overpriced pretzel-stand next to their jewelry store, but instead, have the certainty that every hard-earned penny spent is for the fine jewelry in their hand and the comfortable buying experience they can't get anywhere else.


Since the new millennium, DBK Family Jewelers has been the glimmer in her eye, and the sparkle in his smile. It's been a fruitful 16 years leading to our beautiful new location, and as we fondly look back on the past, we now look forward to helping you find the perfect present to celebrate the next chapter in your story...


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Celebrating 20 Years

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DBK Family Jewelers, Plainville, CT

CALL US: 860-747-3374

165 East Street (Rt. 10), Plainville, CT 06062